Aaria’s Cannabis Brands

We’re proud to offer cannabis consumers two excellent brands.

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Aaria is our prime brand, a top-shelf high potency cannabis flower with higher THC levels and more complex terpene profiles.  This brand is all top shelf, coming in at middle shelf prices.

Aaria is the house brand for Bloom City Club cannabis provisioning stores in Ann Arbor, Battle Creek and Burton. Bloom City Club and  Aaria are a natural alliance, coming together with their shared values in green business practices and an elevated consumer experience. We share the goal of building a strong and efficient cannabis industry in Michigan that works for producers and consumers alike.

Latest Strains

Big Mitten Buds is our alternative brand.  It’s a lower potency cannabis flower with robust terpene profiles, grown with the same care and process as Aaria. Big Mitten cannabis has a lower price point than Aaria, making it a perfect option for people seeking quality without couchlock.