Doing Good by Being Good

Aardvark Industrees was founded with a sense of responsibility, not only to our employees, customers and founders, but also to the community we engage with.

Cannabis enhances our lives.  Dogs enhance our lives.  We love both and turned them into our mission.

The Michigan Veterans K-9 Coalition

With strong ties to the dog world and an eagerness to make a difference, friends in the cannabis industry came together to help bring awareness, funding and state-wide expansion to the St. Joe County Veteran Service and Therapy Dog Program.

The MVK-9C is a meeting place for breeders, donors and communities interested in accessing or donating to this program.  With both grant backing and donations, they’re able to service veterans in need, across Michigan.  For more information or to donate, please visit

Any business from any industry can donate to be a part of this pawsitive experience!  Any person can share this program and help spread the word.  Do what you can, where you can, and together we’ll make an impact.

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