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How We Grow the Good Good

For 14 years we’ve taken the path less traveled.  Aardvark Industrees is the final destination of those paths, tying together a unique experience amid so much green.

At our core, we’re efficient, simplistic and pure.  This approach provides the realest foundation for our brand, and transparency to our consumers and friends.

We grow differently.  Truly, in every way.  From our lighting spectrum, to our environments, to minimally taxing the grid, to the results these components create.

Noticeable in our strain development is an amplification of flavor, smell and smoothness.  Strains retain their flavor from the first draw to the last.  Bag appeal is noteworthy, with an aromatic punch as soon as the package is opened.  Fruity tastes are intensified.  Gassy tastes are layered.  Total effect is truly satisfying.

Consistent, top-shelf flower is the basis of our brand.  Proprietary systems in almost every aspect, is our method.

The Good Good

Just us. All along we’ve invested our own resources and capital in our growing operations. This allows us to remain focused on growing the cannabis we love to smoke, without compromising quality to meet shareholder expectations that a mega-grow would be held to.

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