How We Grow Joy

 Greener and Cleaner

As we cultivate our cannabis and grow our business we’re creating efficiencies that help the planet and make cannabis more affordable for all. We do this with proprietary and patent-pending technology allowing us to produce cannabis at a significantly reduced cost, over any of our Michigan growing competitors.

Our growing processes significantly reduce electrical grid reliance and reduce our carbon footprint.

Our cannabis growing technology was developed over a four-year period with R & D, data collection and testing to back our assumptions. This technology has shown to enhance the cannabinoid profiles in strains that have histories of lower profile percentages. We’re not just growing a plant to sell, we’re working on optimizing and cultivating unsurpassed quality plants for our consumers.

The Aaria name is our reputation. We’re focused on bringing people in Michigan the most affordable and memorable cannabis in the state.

Our Investors

Just us. All along we’ve invested our own resources and capital in our growing operations. This allows us to remain focused on growing the cannabis we love to smoke, without compromising quality to meet shareholder expectations that a mega-grow would be held to.